Friday, October 07, 2005


Sexy As Hell Lingerie
So... we have a website here with lovely women, all star lingerie and a cute as hell design. What more can a guy (or a girl) ask???

Ok, so maybe a girl would look like a Vegas Stripper or a Hollywood Pornstar in these, but I say... why not?


Cool Japanese Stuff
My passion for Japan continues. This is a lovely shop where you can find magazines, manga, adult toys, anime & toy items, t-shirs and my favorite section is wacky things.

Look at the picture and see the knock man family "that is a group of musical mascot wind up toys that brighten your day not only with their happy smiles, but with their cute musical antics that they can do for you." Hmmm... Ok.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Hollywood stars doing Japanese TV ads
Watch all your favourite actors (and not only) starring in funny TV ads. It is said that the money they earn for an ad is most of the times equal to the money they earn for a movie.